My name is Dylan Tidmore and I am the director/producer for Sirens of Silence. Three years ago, I first visited Ecuador for three months and visited nearly every corner of the country. I was astounded by what I saw, and it wasn’t hard to fall in love with the country at first sight.

My single greatest passion is telling a story with meaning and purpose. I love to make documentaries that highlight cultural and environmental themes in order to provoke change.  A year after leaving Ecuador to continue studies, I discovered upon the problems arising in the Amazon; the Ecuadorian government conceded oil blocks to corporations, and mining operations are devastating swaths of rainforest. These companies have destroyed and deforested vast plots of the Amazon, resulting to families being forced out of their homes, drinking oil-rich water, cancer, and devastation of crops. People are suffering every day due to these atrocities, and the world doesn’t notice this.

We hope you will join us as we begin this long, incredible journey following the lives of those whom are fighting for their human rights.

Ama la vida.


Dylan Tidmore