Amazonian nationalities begin march to Quito, demand dialogue with results

The CONFENAIE Communication delivered news about the march taken on by multiple nationalities and organizations to Quito in order to influence dialogue with political leaders towards reaching an agreement of a mandate by CONAIE. Read the article in English here. "Puyo, November 27, 2017 From the headquarters of CONFENAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the…Read more Amazonian nationalities begin march to Quito, demand dialogue with results

In Search of Sarayaku

A traveler’s experience with the Sarayaku village. Great insight to the community and beautiful images.

Adventurous Hermit

We decided to have just one more jungle adventure before leaving the Amazon. JH had his heart set on finding Sarayaku (Sarayacu), an indigenous community somewhere in the Amazon in Ecuador. We were inspired by this video we saw about the delegation from Sarayaku to the COP21 climate summit in Paris.

The problem is we had no idea where Sarayaku is or how to get there. Even though I really wanted to go too I was secretly a bit over the jungle for now – the heat, the insect bites, sleeping on the floor, lack of privacy, toilets and showers. My superficial self was looking forward to being clean and comfortable. Ah well, it could wait. If we could find it we’d go.

We were told we’d have to go south to Puyo, another jungle town, as the starting point. Puyo was much more pleasant than expected. It’s a bit…

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Resistance in the Ecuadorean Amazon

Since 1996, indigenous peoples have been fighting against the concession of oil blocks, or plots on a map designated for drilling, to oil companies. The government has broken its own constitution to sell these lands to oil corporations, who vastly pollute the Amazon with oil pits that seep into the ecosystems of people who live…Read more Resistance in the Ecuadorean Amazon